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The Point of Ploidy

This is a primer on ploidy which briefly discusses what ploidy is, why its important to the study of biology, and how this concept has implications to our future in the realm of crop development and oncology. Its' target audience is an undergraduate student studying biology, or anyone with at least a basic university level understanding of biology.




The project was originally conceived as an educational video that explained ploidy, avoiding common misconceptions from inherent to the topic. The concept map below was created to understand the breadth of topics that would need to be addressed during the animation. The concepts outlined in blue (below), made their way to the final animation.

Artboard 1-100.jpg

Eventually, the project was altered to be a surface-level primer on ploidy, that deals with not just what ploidy is, but how it affects organisms today, and its direct relevance to human beings in the areas of food and health.

The animation is divided into five main 'Acts': Introduction, Biology, Food, Cancer, End.

After many script and storyboard revisions, a rough animatic was produced to guide production. This animatic would change with production, as constraints from technical ability, deadlines, timing adjustments and improvements were made to the animation.


Below is a color composition used to guide color choices during production.​

ColorComp 04.23.2018.jpg
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